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Get Area Code 551
phone numbers -
New Jersey

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Area code 551 covers Jersey City, Union City, Bayonne, and Hoboken

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551 area code- My country mobile

Benefits that are incomparable to any other communication system

Below are some of the advantages of 551 area code:

1 : This is totally a virtual phone system. So it is safe from any pandemic or other natural disasters.

2 : Landlines are always messy due to hardware issues. That decreases your brand reputation and sales.

3 : Virtual phone needs no cable or hardware arrangement. Your android device is enough for it.

4 : So you are not depending on others at all. You will run your phone in your hand.

5 : This is really a cost saver, you spend hundred bucks for paying the landline bills, but our one single area phone number is only 4.99$ per month.

6 : Overall you are getting all the same facilities with many extra facilities but at a much cheaper rate.

Enjoy free features and boost business performance

  1. Send voicemails to the busy customers and gain respect by not disturbing them.
  2. Send online fax and unlimited texts to potential and regular customers.
  3. Send promotional sms for free and boost your sales.
  4. Call waiting will ensure that every customer is getting a call back from your company and they will not get the phone number busy anyhow.
  5. Record the phone calls with your customers. Analyze the phone calls in the business meeting to find out the faults.

History of the 551 code

The 201 area code was introduced in 1947, while the area code 551 was established in 2001 as an overlay area code. Due to the rising need for phone numbers in the communities of Jersey City, Bayonne, Union City, and Hoboken, this was done.

How good is 551 for business

Several sectors in the New Jersey region, notably those related to transportation, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and manufacturing, have grown because to the 551 area code. Any companies we sponsor in this area have a great chance of succeeding because of the large consumer base that this area has.

Area code 551 covered cities

There are just two counties in the 551 area code: Bergen and Hudson. This area code's principal cities are:

The following are the area codes and overlays of Maryland:



kJersey City



Union City


New Jersey

Why choose Mycountry Mobile

Below some of the reasons why you should choose us:

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Be conscious when you choose a service provider

A crucial step in starting your business is picking the appropriate service provider. Making the wrong supplier choice might result in a bad customer experience, which can cause customer unhappiness and even business loss. Making ensuring your consumers receive the highest audio quality is therefore essential. We at Mycountry Mobile promise the best customer service, and we strongly advise you to buy at least one phone number from us.

Push your business ahead of others

You may increase your consumer base while also saving money by using various virtual phone numbers. You’ll be more likely to make sales if you call them in their appropriate area codes. There is no need to wait—buy one of our virtual phone lines right away—since they are all available for just $4.99 a month!

Dispel anxiety and spend quality time with the family

High degrees of worry are common among business owners when it comes to the functioning of their organisation. People frequently feel confined to their workplace workstations for long stretches of time in order to be available for customer calls. But, you may organise teams to answer consumer calls using our services, relieving you of this strain. You can keep current on crucial workplace changes while working remotely and spending valuable time with your family. Let us assist you so that work won’t get in the way of enjoying your personal life.